Here's a Little Bit About Us

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Hi! I'm Carol, co-owner of Gentle
Hearts Pet Sitting. Luke and I met in
high school and have been best
friends ever since.
Growing up I spent my summers in
Oregon, Illinois at my stepfather's
petting zoo, where I realized early on
that I loved working with animals! I
always enjoyed getting to meet new
and exotic breeds!
Some of my fondest memories are of
my mother bringing home feral
animals to be cared for as pets. We
acquired a very playful goat that my
brothers and I loved to chase around the house - finding out the
hard way that hooves to do not agree with indoor floors.. Another
memory I have is of when my ferret ate my stereo that I had saved
up all summer for. It is funny to think about now, but I did not find if
quite so endearing at the time.    
I attended DePaul University where I earned my degree in
Investment Finance and, upon graduating, immersed myself in
corporate world for the next 10 years.
In 1998, I moved to Fort Collins from Oak Park Illinois, a suburb of
Chicago, to be with Luke. After sewing our wild Colorado oats we
settled down in Denver in 2003.
The opportunity to build a new career for myself doing what I have
always loved became a reality when Luke and I started Gentle
Hearts! It has been the hardest yet most rewarding job of my life! I
can't tell you how lucky I feel to be able to spend time with and care
for your animals.
Thank you for taking this time to visit our website! I look forward to
meeting you and your furry ones!

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Together, we are confident we can provide you with all of your pet
sitting and daily dog walking needs! We would very much like to
schedule a Meet & Greet so we can meet face to snout so to speak,
and so we can answer any questions you may have about our
services. Your Meet & Greet will be with either Luke, Ally or Michele
depending on our availability and your location. Please visit our
'Prospective New Clients' Tab, fill out the form and send it over to
us. We look forward to spending time with and becoming friends with
you and your puppers & kitties!
Thanks again!!!
Luke, Carol and the Gentle Hearts Team

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Name: Ally
Services Provided: Office Manager/Meet & Greet
Representative/Dog Walker/Pet Sitter
Area(s) Serviced: Highlands/Downtown
My Pets: Kaya – Siberian Husky (8 years old), Tank - Siberian
Husky/German Shepherd Mix (3 years old) = loves of my life!!
About Me: I have always had a fondness for critters of all
shapes and sizes, but I admittedly have an extraordinary
weakness for puppers. At home I have two of my own that I love
and adore beyond words; a sassy little girl (Kaya) and a
sweeeet, not-so-little boy (Tank). Obsession would be an
accurate term for describing my feelings for them.. Saying good
bye to Kaya and Tank in the morning is the hardest part of my
day, but thankfully I get to go to work and receive ‘animal
therapy’ from all of your amazing pets! I am so grateful for the
opportunity to work with animals- they brighten my day every
Name: Grant
Services Provided: Pet Sitter        
Area(s) Serviced: Highlands/Downtown/Capitol
Hill/Cheesman/Park Hill
My Pets: Kevin – orange Tabby Cat (11 years old)
About Me: I am Grant, my friends and family call me... Grant. I
really enjoy and have a good amount of experience working with
animals. Prior to starting with Gentle Hearts in 2012, I worked at a
doggy daycare and boarding facility for two and a half years. I am
a graduate from the University of Colorado Denver with a degree
in Music Industry Studies. I compose, record, and produce my own
music and friends' music on the side. I have a cat named Kevin,
he is my son and continues to rebel against discipline like he has
since I got him as a kitten. :)
Name: James
Services Provided: Dog Walker
Area(s) Serviced: Washington Park
My Pets: Leo - my sweet poochie
About Me: Hi, I’m James. This is me and Leo. Ever since I can
remember, I have loved animals and have taken the
responsibility of caring for them very seriously. It is important to
me that they get ample exercise for their specific needs, and
also receive genuine affection. I have become very found (and
protective) of all of the pups on my route, and can be caught
singing goofy songs to them about their ears and/or calling
them a hundred silly nicknames. Thank you so much for letting
me bond with and hang out with your pups!
Name: Michele
Services Provided: Meet & Greet Representative/Dog
Walker/Pet Sitter/Sleep Over Sitter
Area(s) Serviced: Washington Park/Belcaro/Corey-
Merrill/Virginia Village/Park Hill/Hill Top/Glendale
My Pets: Wilson – Jack Russell terrier (16 years old when he
About Me: Hi! My name is Michele. I have been an animal lover
since before I can remember, and have been lucky enough to
have made many critter-friends over the years. I've owned
birds, fish, lizards, kitties and puppers to name just a few.. The
dog who started it all for me was my special Jack Russell terrier,
Wilson. Wilson and I spent 16 wonderful years together and he
taught me what true love is! I have always wanted to work with
animals, so becoming a part of the Gentle Hearts Team has
been nothing short of a dream come true! I truly look forward to
spending time with and getting to know your special loved ones!
Name: Emily
Services Provided: Dog Walker/Pet Sitter/Sleep Over Sitter
Area(s) Serviced: Downtown/Capitol Hill/Cheesman/City
Park/Cherry Creek
My Pets: Two sweet and talkative rescued cats from Thailand,
Mochi and Quinn
About Me: Dogs truly bring out the best in me. Years ago, I found
that raising a dog in my home pulled me out of my depressive
slump and gave me a reason to get up in the morning. I believe
dogs can provide some of the most special and deepest
relationships we can experience in our families and because of
that, they deserve the best care we could possibly provide for
them. I have endearingly owned three dogs of my own (two
Korean Jindos and one Swiss Shepherd), some reptiles, and a
Chinchilla, and have several years of experience volunteering with
rescued dogs in Thailand of all types of sizes, maturity levels,
disabilities and behaviors. I would love the opportunity to get to
know your dog; feed, exercise, play, run and love as if they were
my own.
Name: Alise (Ali)
Services Provided: Dog Walker/Pet Sitter/Sleep Over Sitter
Area(s) Serviced: South Denver/ University Hills
My Pets: I grew up with a Dalmatian/Queensland Heeler mix
named Nala, currently have a Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix
named Dylan, had 5 cats at one point-now there are only 2. We
had firebelly toads, a cockatiel named Boomer who was very
dear to me, and at one point in my childhood I had...11
hamsters! We were quite the zoo!
About Me: I am originally from the San Francisco Bay Area
and have lived in Denver for almost a year. I grew up having a
very strong connection to animals and have always been the
go-to person when friends and family needed extra care or pet
sitting for their pets. I can honestly say that I am one of the
luckiest people that gets to go to work and play with dogs and
cats all day! I am truly grateful to work for a company that cares
so deeply about the well-being of animals!
Name: Sage
Services Provided: Dog Walker/Pet Sitter/Sleep Over Sitter
Area(s) Serviced: City Park/Cheesman/Curtis Park
My Pets: Felix- Russian Blue Kitty
About Me: I've moved a lot growing up and had all sorts of
different pets over the years, which started my love of all critters!
Before starting with Gentle Hearts, I briefly owned my own dog
walking company, so I have been professionally dog walking and
pet sitting for over 5 years now.  I have recently decided to go
back to school for electrical/computer engineering.  

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Name: Natalie
Services Provided: Dog Walker/Pet Sitter/Sleep Over Sitter
Area(s) Serviced: Washington Park/Speer/Baker/Capitol Hill
My Pets: 1 senior Maine Coon mix (she goes by many names,
but most recently it has been "Mao" :)
About Me: Growing up with cats, dogs, chickens, and guinea
pigs, spending time with and caring for animals has always
brought me the most joy. Over the last ten years, I have had
the pleasure of taking care of other's sweet animals across
California, Chicago, and now Denver. I have a real soft spot for
senior animals (especially kitties) and have adopted a few over
the years that have traveled with me. Someday I hope to adopt
a dog (or two :) again, but until then I love showering the pups I
care for with extra attention!
Hey everyone! My name is Luke
Grapski, co-owner of Gentle Hearts
Pet Sitting. First and foremost, thank
you for taking the time to check us out
and to see what we are all about!
We at Gentle Hearts know just how
difficult it can be to entrust your most
precious furry family members (and
some not so furry ones) to strangers,
so I would like to take this opportunity
to give you more of my back story.
In 1996, after graduating from
Northern Illinois University, I moved out
to Colorado from Chicago. I had known
that I wanted to move to Colorado
since the age of 13 when I attended a
family reunion in Loveland. I fell in love
with the mountains and committed myself to moving here one day.
In 1998, after graduating from DePaul University, my partner, Carol,
joined me in Denver.
Carol and I started Gentle Hearts in October of 2008. After 10 years
of sitting in a cubicle as a financial advisor for Carol and 10 years as
an automobile technician for myself, we both decided it was time to
pursue new career paths that would involve a couple of our favorite
things: animals and the great outdoors. Never in our wildest dreams
did we imagine we would be where we are today!
In 2003, Carol and I purchased our first home in University Hills
where we still live with one giant Golden (Bear), one very hairy
lab-chow mix (Rocky), and one very sweet chihuahua mix with stinky
breath and a nose licking fetish (Olive).
These past 10 years have been truly amazing for Carol and I and we
look forward to all of the tail wags and purrs that the next 10 years
have in store!
Thanks again for taking the time to learn a little bit more about us!
The Gentle Hearts Team